Huangyuan economy in the first quarter to achieve a good start

this year, in the macroeconomic environment is more tight, downtown pressure on the economy has been continuously increasing, Huangyuan county government, self pressurized, as active, struggling to move forward, the first quarter of 2015, Huangyuan county realized a GDP of 398 million 660 thousand yuan, an increase of 6.1%, the first quarter of the county economy under the new normal start.

park enterprises to stimulate industrial growth

in the first quarter of this year, the County Park industrial enterprises to achieve an added value of 109 million yuan, accounting for the county’s industrial added value of 71.7%, becoming the main support of the industrial economy." Dahua Industrial Park Administrative Committee, a person in charge said excitedly.

at the end of the first quarter, the park achieved a total industrial output value of 490 million yuan, completed industrial investment of 47 million yuan, an increase of 13.8%. An annual output of 20 thousand tons of lithium ion anode materials and other construction projects have started construction in March, with an annual output of 2000 tons of hollow glass aluminum strip and other new projects have been under construction.

investment driven industrial upgrading

in recent years, relying on Huangyuan County Dahua Industrial Park, actively undertake Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, Gan River Industrial Park and other resources to the downstream industry chain, focus on strengthening cooperation with Fujian Fu Yin group, to further promote the development of two business park. At the end of the first quarter, the county implemented a total of 38 investment projects, with a total investment of up to $10 billion 57 million, new projects 6.

when it comes to plan the next step, Huangyuan County Economic Bureau responsible person said, "the next step will continue to increase efforts to foster small and micro enterprises, focus on supporting the development of key enterprises at the same time, to speed up the Olympic vision, such as Shenyang, Haiway project put into production scale production pace."

project construction boost quality and efficiency

it is understood that the Huangyuan county infrastructure construction as the starting point, high standard of the preparation of the feasibility report and related planning, earnestly project selection, demonstration, evaluation, packaging and promotion work, and strive for the trial implementation of the beautiful countryside, the facilities of agriculture and animal husbandry, town construction and other areas of the project.

in the face of ferroalloy enterprises inventory increases, enterprise liquidity shortage and other difficulties and problems, Huangyuan County continue to complete the coordination service projects, strengthen the contact with the owners of the project, 19 new projects to speed up the construction progress, the formation of new investment growth.


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