Further improve the work of the province to improve the township job subsidies system to expand the

recently, in order to further strengthen the construction of grass-roots cadres, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, provincial Party Committee Organization Department, human resources and social security department, the Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued the "notice on further regulating the" perfect Township job subsidy system, expand the township work subsidies, increase subsidies standards.

"notice" clearly unified policy name, will be the province’s township job subsidies name changed to township subsidies". Adjust the scope of implementation, in the original scope on the basis of the province, city and county organs and institutions stationed in the township (area four, the county seat of the township and Xining township is not included) in the on-the-job personnel included in the township work subsidies range. The establishment of incentive mechanism. In order to encourage long-term stability of cadres and workers at the grassroots level, an appropriate increase in the work of township subsidies, the provisions of the township in the cumulative working life of every 5 years, an increase of $50 per person per month. At the same time, unified organization deployed to the township to carry out poverty alleviation, attachment and other personnel, working in the township, the township work subsidies in accordance with the provisions of the implementation of standards.

the "notice" requirements, all localities and departments should strengthen supervision and management, establishing on-the-job personnel in the ledger information registration system, the implementation of dynamic management mechanism of subsidies for staff to enjoy the "real name system", according to the facts of subsidies.


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