n the third quarter of this year Xining City Consumers Association received complaints of 252 piec

in the third quarter of this year, the Xining Consumer Association consumer complaints received by the consumer for the consumer to recover the economic losses of 204 thousand and 300 yuan ($252). Quality is still the focus of consumer complaints.

Xining Consumer Association Deputy Secretary General Ma Xiaoyu:


: the quarter horse general merchandise categories of complaints is the first, clothing shoes and hats, 26 complaints, accounting for 10.32% of the total volume of complaints, the quality of the 25 complaints; complaints of household electronic appliances ranked second complaints involving commodities mainly in the communications equipment and other small household appliances; service complaints ranked third, clothing wash the bad, laundry is lost, resulting in consumer disputes.

(recording only)

, according to Ma Xiaoyu introduction, Xining consumer associations in the third quarter of the admissibility of the complaint in the 252, the quality is still the focus of consumer complaints. From the daily complaints, mainly clothing fade, fluff, shrink, fade, fracture, plastic shoes vamp and other quality problems. The complaint object for many stalls, small shops operating non branded goods. Communications products complaints are mainly mobile phone quality problems and after-sales service can not keep up; household appliances often reflect no after-sale protection. While other service complaints are mainly manifested in the integrity of the service industry management, service is not good, do not open a formal invoice, especially after the problem is not resolved in a timely manner, find an excuse to delay the time to upgrade the conflict.

according to the situation, Xining City Consumers Association to remind consumers when shopping should choose regular or large stores, and pay attention to ask for an invoice, so that it can be resolved in a timely manner in the event of a problem.


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