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Reporter in July 28th from the Provincial Highway Administration Bureau was informed with the operation of passenger transport, Ping An county to Sha Gou Xiang teeth Zha Cun bus lines, marks the Ping An county in the sea east to take the lead in realizing the township in the county all around the urban and rural areas of the bus target. According to the sea east Ping’an County Transportation Management white director introduction, before the Green County sent to the bus lines around only 5, respectively is the bus line to the bus line, from the ancient city of Green County sent to the bus line, Pakistan reservoir ditch from Ping An county to four Taiwan village from the Green County Road, from Ping county sent to the bus line, Shi Hui Yao from Ping An county sent to the bus line spring flood. This year, in order to further promote the integration of urban and rural public transportation in Ping An county, township people to meet the travel needs, county transportation departments to take due back line, 9 mini van originally Guakao Shagou passenger lines were all out of line, 5 units into the Changan SC bus, opened sixth Ping County to Sha Gou the Zhacun tooth bus lines. The total length of 22 kilometers of the line, the class time is 6:45 to 18:40 every day, every one of the first 25 minutes, from the original price of $3.5 to $5 adjusted to 3 yuan. The opening of the line not only realizes the bus all public security county and township level, but also provides more safe, cheap, convenient and comfortable travel conditions for Sha Gou Xiang 10 thousand and 900 people travel.  

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