Solid progress in health care reform in Xining 9100 patients benefit from serious illness insurance

how to make Xining urban and rural residents to see a doctor more secure? How to strengthen the service ability of primary medical institutions? Public hospital reform will have any new initiatives? This year, Xining solid progress in health care reform, so that more people enjoy the benefits of health care reform.

– 9100 for serious illness insurance. On the basis of strengthening the level of medical insurance for urban and rural residents, the level of Medicare payment, the implementation of urban and rural residents illness insurance work. Up to now, 9100 patients enjoy a serious illness insurance, compensation for patients with medical expenses of $51 million.

basic medical institutions, basic drug coverage, zero rate were maintained at 100%. We will intensify the supervision and administration of the unified bidding and procurement of essential drugs, and implement 100 basic drugs zero rate sales in community health service organizations held by social forces. Three counties set up a combination of medical and health services, and further establish a medical resource sharing within the county, a reasonable division of labor, complementary advantages of urban and rural medical services in the new mechanism of the 8.

* help the township health center full coverage. We will carry out the standardization and standardization of urban community health service institutions and rural grassroots medical and health institutions, and organize 3 hospitals, cities and counties at the provincial level to support the 35 medical and health institutions in the township hospitals of the 58.

* 9 county public hospital drug profit of up to $44 million 150 thousand. To further promote the reform of public hospitals at the county level, the city’s 9 county-level public hospitals for all the basic drugs and non essential drugs used to cancel the drug addition, the implementation of zero profit sales. The full implementation of the first hospitalization settlement medical service model, the city’s public hospitals at all levels has provided 96 thousand hospitalized patients after the first hospitalization settlement service.

169 thousand and 200 elderly people have a physical examination. Carry out 14 kinds of basic public health services, the implementation rate of 100%. At present, electronic health records established for the 2 million 240 thousand urban and rural residents, the completion rate of 98%; 124 thousand and 500 patients with hypertension, 34 thousand and 500 diabetes patients into standardized management; the 5424 severe mental patients all included in the investigation found that the standardized management of agricultural and pastoral areas; completed childbearing women folic acid supplements 4369. (author: Sheng Nan)


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