Today the opening of the festival will be held for 3 days

The reporter learned from the East District, eighth Qinghai halal food and Cultural Tourism Festival (referred to as the Qing Food Festival) opened in the New Millennium International Plaza today, will be held for 3 days (May 16th -18), this clean food festival will be a series of delicacy culture activities, to the general public dedication of a cultural feast delicacy.

this clean food festival activities include: clean food delicacy Culture Festival opening ceremony, halal food exhibition, tourism promotion, the fine line of great beauty Qinghai natural landscape photography exhibition, painting exhibition, exotic food products exhibition, national costume exhibition, international community culinary talent show. This clean food festival with the previous three characteristics are compared: one is to focus on improving the quality of the exhibition highlights: in the East economic development at the same time, to promote the integration of the exhibition and the development of the industry; two is the main exhibition venue to set more reasonable: the place is located in the New Millennium International Plaza, has a certain role in promoting the development of comprehensive road business district three is the content of the show; diversified elements: closer to the masses, more rich and full, joined the interactive experience program. In addition, this clean food festival exhibition organization and the exhibition hall set up: the investment also show ingenuity strict qualification examination, the connection of inside and outside the province, 49 enterprises, 38 enterprises have now determined to be the display of goods, there are 29 snacks business households have been enrolled in the special snack show; 7 foreign exhibitors exhibitors will also contact and the provincial council, invited other foreign exhibitors participating. The exhibition is divided into two parts to the infield and outfield Pavilion site, a superb collection of beautiful things, the 62 standard booths, divided into Muslim Halal product display area, display area, photography exhibition, delicacy of painting and calligraphy exhibition, national costume exhibition, the international village community residents "culinary talent" exhibition area, the exhibition area of 3100 square meters; a snack field booth 29, an area of 2000 square meters.

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