A company which is facing the embarrassment of errands

currently has a lot of business opportunities, sounds very good, but when it comes to the actual operation was found to be faced with a lot of problems, all kinds of embarrassment to the operator is difficult to continue. Then, an errand company which is facing the embarrassment? This venture will stick to it?

is the first company to run errands last year in Rongcheng, because the prospects for development from the first appearance to less than 6, just over a month, Rongcheng became the object of media reports. But today, errands companies gradually fade out of people’s vision, according to the reporter, Fuzhou is still in the business of the company to run errands in only one, most of the rest has turned to.

depression 6 companies only 1

The concept of

company to run errands from the field, to give customers all kinds of business operation to run errands. Last May, Fuzhou almost at the same time out of three or four paotui agencies, most of the time at least 6.

however, the reporter found the day before the survey, more than a few companies only "good errands services" is still in the normal business. The company was in dire straits, the company was founded in early 3 to join, every day only three or four single, even one day is idle, so that franchisees had to earn extra money to raise the company to run errands.

now, "grief" through the most difficult period, every business stable at around 15 alone, but also retain a number of old customers, in addition to the 3 franchisees, the company added 3 employees. Join one of the Kobayashi told reporters that at present the company’s profits are still barely enough to maintain survival, to develop, and still need time.

There is a risk of

business errands?

is known as "set courier, home economics, business in a" run errands business, seems to have a market, but why it’s hard to survive?

according to the "everyday" run errands company Mr Le, they began to run errands business, a few months will take two single. The reason, Mr. Le believes that Fuzhou’s environment is not suitable for business customers to spend money to buy time to run errands, consciousness is not high.

and many errands services depend on the network, and many people know little about it, really need service cannot find businesses to run errands. In addition, many errands company is a personal behavior, only a few young people in running the business, not a legitimate company housing, many people have doubts about its reliability.

it is understood that in Hangzhou because of reselling tickets event is down there are a number of companies to run errands. The company’s business includes paying customers to buy tickets, has become the target of the Department to combat cattle. After a number of errands companies in Fuzhou are starting Valet ticket business. And Valet delivery, etc.

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