mprove employment skills to promote farmers out of poverty in Tianshui to carry out employment trai

in some rural areas, some employment training and skills training is an essential thing, at the same time, the vast rural areas, has now become a main battlefield of employment training, want to pull the rural employment, it is necessary to carry out training.

in the poverty-stricken areas vigorously carry out employment and occupation skill training of labor force transfer, urban and rural development is one of the important measures, Gansu province Tianshui Maiji District of poor households out of poverty.

The characteristics of

transfer of employment

Maiji district has a total of 4 impoverished area, most towns because engaged in agricultural production added value is low, not strong to the poor family labor appeal, the large-scale rural labor transfer to the city to increase employment outside the province. According to the survey, the number of rural labor Maiji district engaged in non-agricultural industries has reached more than 70%, while poor families only reached 50%, rural young people under the age of 30 basic migrant workers.


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