The Ministry of education has proposed that the scientific and technological achievements of college

The whereabouts of college graduates in have almost all been settled, the new year’s graduates will soon come, the number of graduates in 2016 is still at a high level. In order to solve the employment problem, the Ministry of education put forward that the scientific and technological achievements of colleges and universities should be given priority to students.

"notice" will focus on strengthening the innovation and entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial work as the primary task of promoting students employment and entrepreneurship. From 2016 onwards, all colleges and universities should set up innovative entrepreneurship education courses for all students to develop innovative entrepreneurship education required courses and elective courses, into the credit management.

willingness to have the entrepreneurial students, offering business guidance and training course. Carry out business management training for students who have already started their business practice. To carry out a wide range of innovation and entrepreneurship competition, to support college students to set up innovation and entrepreneurship Association, business clubs and other societies, held seminars on innovation and entrepreneurship forum. Colleges and universities should establish innovative scholarship, and come up with a certain proportion in the existing Pingyoupingxian project for the recognition of outstanding performance in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship students.

to enhance the innovative service level, the "notice" requires all colleges and universities to complete with strong innovation recommendation

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