Venture to join the food and beverage industry is the industry to make money

food and beverage franchise project selection, has been a very good choice. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the catering project, no doubt, is a very wise choice, wise, it is worth joining!

customers are mobile but also can be calculated, the flow of customers into loyal customers can be calculated. Loyal customers can give the restaurant many times and even lifetime consumption, to the restaurant to bring huge profits, so that the restaurant can survive and develop. Loyal customers become mobile customers, the restaurant will be difficult to maintain their livelihood, the customer is a valuable asset restaurant, but also an important factor in the preservation and appreciation of the restaurant.

customer experience to good products and good service in the restaurant, he would recommend to carry out publicity and the obligation of the people around him, make the restaurant to form a good reputation in the market, on the other hand, they get bad products, will have a negative impact and negative brand image to the market. Experience marketing data tell us: 100 satisfied customers will bring 25 new customers, each received a customer complaint, it means that there are 20 same customers, get a new customer cost is 5 times the cost of a customer satisfaction remains; 60% new customers from existing customers recommend the dissatisfied customers in 4%, will tell you their dissatisfaction and unhappy reasons; 96% will go back, 91% will not come again. Customer survival rate increased by 5%, the profit will be increased by 70%; a good customer service will affect the desire to purchase and purchase behavior of the 25 people. Any advertising effect than the word of mouth effect, 80% of the profits generated by the customer of 20%. Therefore, the effective use of the role of the customer’s reputation, so as to form a relatively stable restaurant customer base.

restaurant service and product quality is in need of supervision, so the restaurant managers can not always see people whenever and wherever possible, the quality of work and attitude, and the customer is virtually as restaurant service and product supervisor, if we maintain good relations with them, they found that the problem will take complaints. That question to us, let us understand the real needs of guests, we understand the product or service problems, timely adjustment of restaurant management strategy, improve management methods, meet the customer’s needs and requirements.

the only reason for the existence of a customer restaurant, even if your restaurant has the best products, if there is no guests is equal to zero. There is no industry in the world where no customers can survive and develop.

through the sales and customer relationship is relatively tolerant, and to maintain the relationship and continue to create value from this relationship, it is necessary to provide customers with satisfactory service. The cost of developing a new customer is much higher than retaining an existing customer, so keep them. Keep in mind that the customer

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