Rural youth entrepreneurship service plan came to Shandong

we have been to encourage college graduates to return to their hometown, to the village to start a business, both income and promote the development of their hometown. At present, the rural youth entrepreneurship service plan is about to come to Shandong to help Shandong rural youth entrepreneurship.

for the practice of "public entrepreneurship, innovation", Chinese youth senior talents training center sponsored "business service plan" rural youth, and collaborative Chinese Guanghua Science and technology foundation jointly set up a "modern agricultural entrepreneurship development charity fund for supporting the rural youth entrepreneurship group. Service plan to "serve the rural youth entrepreneurship" for the purpose, so that agriculture, rural beauty, rich farmers as the goal. On the basis of the overall planning and business service plan, the first batch of pilot provinces for four: Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Anhui, according to the pilot provinces enterprise reporting, and base construction for Shandong province decided to start landing work.

The first station of

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