What are the steps to open the hardware store

hardware store investment requires people to find a good store, ready to complete the product, as long as these two points to meet the rich profit is not a problem! What are the steps to open the hardware store? What experience can be worth reference?

A, market research, understand the local market

"know thyself, know yourself". As a newcomer to the hardware industry, we must first understand the local hardware market. With the area to be selected or near the hardware shops, stores and other places to visit". Mainly look at the following aspects:

1, with or without hardware store, how many. This can generally reflect the local hardware consumption concept.

2, the entire hardware store or store the main display of goods (or by communicating with the owner, the clerk can understand the main sales of commodity information). This reflects the local market is mainly suitable for what kind of hardware products. Of course, there is a certain amount of water in this information, need to be more accurate analysis of their own multi analysis, can not be seen on the surface of a two confused.

3, understand the price of goods in the shop.

two, store location


entered, more suitable choice in many areas, especially near the newly built district. These places are slightly larger hardware usage.

decoration shop

for professional hardware sales, the store must be clean and tidy, merchandise display order, how to decorate little relationship. Small costs can also make a very attractive layout.

four, stocking, business strategy

five, maintenance and expansion of sales network

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