What are the entrepreneurial opportunities WeChat

such as WeChat mobile phone client rise less than 3 years, but the product development speed is very fast, so many people are using WeChat products such business, but also doing well, then we have to look at what the business opportunity for WeChat.

"WeChat can provide a good platform for open communication throughout the industry, so that all third parties are able to use their value to reach more users through this platform." Zhang Xiaolong, senior vice president of Tencent Inc. With the "find nearby people" and "shake" function to achieve great success, Tencent layout in terms of O2O with two-dimensional code + account system +LBS+ + payment chain constitute a path of commercial ecological mode to form a closed loop. In addition to WeChat’s own perfect function, Tencent is also actively associated with the U life, card company, on the one hand through the coupon payment system and CRM system, a comprehensive integration of WeChat, in order to enhance the strength of the O2O.

in addition, custom interface function is WeChat and a number of partners to test public platform, this interface can make independent access to CRM system of third parties. Behind the public account businesses will be able to provide users with more personalized services through this interface. With this interface, the innovative application of WeChat to provide users with services such as WeChat have emerged based on check road conditions, check the credit card, hotel booking, order takeaway, buy tickets, in exchange for shopping, group purchase and other micro skin. With the increasing number of applications to join the WeChat platform, WeChat marketing agencies and articles to explore more and more, WeChat navigation site also homeopathy.

"than to choose", this is known as a word, the same is true for WeChat business. We know that when your WeChat opens the public account function, it means the arrival of a new marketing approach. For WeChat is no ground for blame, entrepreneurship, whether individuals or businesses are ready to.

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