ntegrity management also need to ensure the quality of service

now many people do business but has not been able to do all aspects are considered complete, often to achieve the integrity of the business, but there is no way to guarantee service. Service in place, but there is no way to achieve good faith management. In fact, for the off-season cigarette business, my point is: no matter what time, the integrity of the business can not change, the quality of service can not be reduced. Marketing service is the focus of cigarette marketing, is the lifeline, we must always pay close attention to. We should regard the retail customer satisfaction as the top priority of the cigarette marketing work.

"integrity management" is a prerequisite for the success of each operator, but also the basic principles of life. What is "integrity"? Honesty, sincerity, honesty, faith, promise and credit. The basic meaning of faith is faith, compliance, no cheating. The cigarette as a kind of fast consumer goods in people’s lives, retail business cigarette more honest to say, do not sell cigarettes, reasonable price, good faith management, law-abiding business.

a good "integrity" of the cigarette sales off-season a gilded signboard, can play a multiplier effect. Moreover, the cigarette retail operators is the terminal sales market of the tobacco industry, tobacco is the key for enterprises to occupy the market, credit management is not only related to the fundamental interests of the retail business, but also related to the fundamental interests of the tobacco industry, and even related to the interests of the state, so the cigarette sales season pays more attention to the integrity of business.

"integrity management" is only one aspect of the promotion of cigarette sales in the off-season, but also to improve the quality of service in the retail business, the quality of service can not be the slightest decline. The more cigarette sales off-season, the more to improve the service quality of retail supermarkets. Whenever there is a customer to visit us, I smiled and said to the customer: "welcome you! What do you need?" When customers buy cigarettes left, I will smile to send a: Thank you for your patronage! Welcome again!"

warm and sincere service, will give new and old customers to leave a good impression and reputation, customers in the next shopping, the first choice in the mind must be the store. Also, in the hot summer, I was in the shop for some clean cups and a bucket of water, every time I see customers sweating into the store, I will pour a glass of pure water, holding hands to the customer, let him (her) to feel cool and good shop.

if you want to get the customer’s approval, in fact, only need to provide customers with the service can be recognized. As the saying goes: "come back." You respect the customer a foot, the customer will respect you; you express goodwill and respect for the customer, the customer will pay you back – buy cigarettes or other goods. Low season cigarette sales in good faith at the same time, do not forget to improve the quality of service. Only the integrity of the business and enthusiasm to enhance the service, the off-season sales of cigarettes will be difficult to break through, by

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