How to achieve financial freedom

many wage earners because wages are too low, or too busy, have their own second occupation, but they also have a lot of business restrictions, the first fund is a problem. So how can they achieve financial freedom? Let Xiaobian to you slowly analysis!

1. learning

by learning a skill at work, one can be, it learned. Once you are free, you have no time to study.

2. relation

not wide, designed to. Take a field, do one industry overall, accumulate more than help you make money, instead of helping you to spend money; also depends on an organization, today by personal relationship is difficult to accumulate, there is a background (units and institutions) to support you, you have good interpersonal relationship accumulation.

3. save

earners at this stage you should learn, in order to improve a skill you; then change, change your way of thinking and behavior patterns, to adapt to the others, the accumulation of your relationships, your experience is. The main task of this stage is to accumulate.


second. Select a project.

select a project, what do it depend on the amount?. The amount to be large, hard, from small to large, until it takes shape. Once begun to take shape, consider how not to collapse within 10 years into the third quadrant.

third. To become a business owner has 3 ways:

1. start empty-handed, build a system: this means to pay a lot of hard work, you build the business from small to large, you rely on your own strength will become the systematic management of human, financial and material resources, production, import and sales of seven, at least 10 years of testing, it is difficult to so, this kind of business bankruptcy rate as high as 99%, the success rate is very low.

to start empty-handed small entrepreneurs as an example, we made a statistics:

1) if there are 100 enterprises today, 5 years will be closed down in 90%, the 90. The collapse of the 90 is called the decision making mistakes, generous wrong. For example, open a restaurant, the location of the wrong choice, the location of the restaurant accounted for the absolute success factor, a few steps, the flow is not the same; for example, to invest in a project, the project was wrong. For example, engage in an Internet cafe, called sunset industry.

2) the remaining 10, in the past 5 years and closed down 90%, the 9. These 9

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