How to deal with damaged cigarettes


said that every owner wants his product can be completed, without any defects. However, in the process of store management, there are always a variety of problems. Moreover, by way of large area expansion, Zhangzhou Taiwanese investment zone near the time in the process of distribution of cigarettes, potholed roads, and sent tens of thousands of cigarettes every day, and on time to the retail customer, so there will inevitably be damaged in cigarette packaging. In the face of a small number of damaged cigarettes, we can also deal with cigarette retail customers.

first, when the cigarette packaging is found to be damaged, can be in the process of operating the cigarette business, the damaged cigarettes open when the product to the customer smoking smoking. In this way, not only will the damaged cigarettes to deal with, and may be to attract business, but also can play a promotional role.

two is the case if the damage to the cigarette is not too serious, it can be carefully in accordance with the wrinkle of the reverse wrinkles, as much as possible to restore the original look, generally not serious, basically can do a good job.

three is damaged if the store is some high-grade cigarette, in sales, to explain to customers, let customers according to their own wishes to buy, or can be taken in accordance with the tobacco companies based on guide price sales, a little compensation, such as buying a pack of cigarettes to send a lighter, a cigarette holder, if damaged the low-grade cigarettes, gave their closest people smoke.

cigarette is different from general products, most of the time is actually damaged packaging damage, the quality of the products will not be affected, but if handled properly, not only will suffer economic losses, and may affect the reputation of the shop. In fact, proper treatment method has a lot of smoke damaged packaging, as long as the brains, way more than the problem, failing to think twice, all problems can be solved.

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