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in our daily life. Some brands are as we grow up along the way, in the market not only has a good reputation, but also the majority of consumers trust the brand, in order to protect the brand, Xiamen has taken corresponding measures. The reporter learned from the Xiamen Municipal People’s Congress, "the development of time-honored brand protection measures" in Xiamen to promote the day before to get a vote. According to this regulation, the old name or trademark shall not be less than 30 years, and the need to meet a series of conditions.

According to

, "declared Xiamen time-honored commercial subject" should have 6 conditions: the establishment of registration in Xiamen, operating in good condition and has the ability of sustainable development; name or trademark inheritance of not less than 30 years; ownership has registered trademarks; with heritage unique products, skills or services; with the traditional cultural background, geographical characteristics, historical and cultural heritage; has a good business reputation, get widespread recognition and praise.

regulations, by the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of commerce is responsible for the identification and awarding the time-honored. In the identification process, the provisions of the publicity system, accept social supervision, in order to enhance the transparency of the assessment. Any organization or individual who has different opinions on the list may raise objections. Regulations, due to changes in operating conditions, no longer meet the conditions, to cancel the Xiamen old name. This means that the old name is not life tenure, there will be an exit mechanism.

as of now, the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce and other units identified Xiamen old brand enterprises have 80. According to local authority, the scope of the protection of this regulation will also be extended to the Xiamen administrative region of the old Chinese, Fujian old.

the provisions of "copycat" time-honored, way: unauthorized use of "Xiamen time-honored" the same or similar text, graphics or other combinations, the market supervision and management department shall order correction; refuse to correct, punishable by more than five times the illegal income shall be imposed, no illegal income, impose 2000 yuan to 10 thousand yuan fine.

through the introduction of the above article, I believe you have to declare the "old Xiamen" what conditions have been clearly understood. At the same time, the Standing Committee of the Xiamen Municipal People’s Congress, the draft regulations in several times during the meeting, the most controversial, several alterations is a time-honored heritage period setting, originally set for 15 years, and the first trial were changed to 35 years and 25 years. On the basis of the views of all parties, this year was eventually set for 30 years. It is understood that this law will be submitted to the Fujian Provincial People’s Congress approved the formal implementation.

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