Fashion sandals millions of years to make easy start thought provoking

in this world, the most important business is actually being found, found that the different needs of people, and then find a way to meet the needs of the people, there are many successful entrepreneurs are in such a way to get rich.

!Li Huiyue decided to try


unexpectedly, sandals half sold out. Just got home, my father cheerfully said: "the Xi’an manager call, just put down, to 50 pairs of sandals! Let tomorrow send."

Li Huiyue while the whole family together to catch India while making shoes, name card: "the latest fashion sandals, monopoly, appropriate foot therapy, art appreciation, give gifts." The whole family was busy in the middle of the night. The second day early in the morning, Li Huiyue sandals in Xi’an’s shoe store, 10 yuan each. She didn’t come home, walk along the street, saw the shoe is sent back to the owner name card, look at the sample. More than a dozen shopkeepers are interested in the same conditions: consignment, sold out again checkout. Li Huiyue promised.

brother to run sales, Li Huiyue is responsible for the quality of the sandals, dad is responsible for the organization of production. The end of the month afterwards, Li Huiyue netted 6000 yuan! Many workers get 700 yuan, little also get 500 yuan, to the satisfaction of all. Soon, the cousin of marketing Xiangyu also into the factory high, a tiger with wings added Li Huiyue.

puerile to open new channels

straw shoes sell more fire

2001 in September, Li Huiyue worry: Grass yellow, what to do with the shoes?. Father advised her not to worry, wear a straw hat to find out. My father fine recommended

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