How to do better animation chain

in recent years, the rapid pace of development of the animation industry, many people are concerned about the industry, open an animation chain is also very good. So, animation chain management skills have? The following along with Xiaobian look at the animation chain which should be considered.


industry and market

, the animation industry is also good market risks, not the animation industry Chaoyang said, the brand is the fierce competition between the. Only good product features, product quality and innovation of the leading things with good service concept, in order to develop steadily in the market. Today, the animation industry began to enter the professional, personalized, brand oriented market segments of the competitive development period, leading the industry, high technology has become a factor of development. Such as cartoon franchise brand "Disney" and "Benko cartoon", "Hing Man Park" and so on, innovation ability, focus on innovation, is the industry leader, market development space.

rate of return

brand choice

Animation chain brand choice first to choose a registered trademark brand, such as "UCC" trademark dispute is the first victims of the chain; and some chain itself is not just using the registered trademark do promotion, and open the market again after another copy in trademark promotion, chain stakeholders cannot last guarantee; or affiliated foreign brands, foreign brand name is "cry up wine and sell vinegar". The choice of brand is also the product characteristics and the choice of style, good animation products has its own unique characteristics are difficult to copy and avoid products, goods; brand choice is the business philosophy of the choice, what kind of idea to decide what kind of business attitude; brand choice is also Follow-Up Services support, whose eyes Guangyuan who, who can occupy the market, continuous innovation, the leading position of the position in the future competition.

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