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in the cash market to join the community to explore the investment, they are the most professional market research and development personnel, the investment in the market for a detailed analysis. The most professional franchise exchange community, the most authoritative industry information. Wuhan Dongquan Albert Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in children’s education, new high-tech enterprises toys, recreational products research and development and sales, has a group of senior professional R & D and marketing personnel. Through the transformation of scientific research achievements in the field of children’s education, the integration of resources for children’s industrial projects, equity investment, improve investment efficiency through capital operations.

spring Albert since its inception, adhere to continuously explore and adapt to the market-oriented operation management system and operational mechanism, in practice, gradually improve the company’s development strategy, the main business. With its strong strength, good faith management idea, perfect service system, scientific management mode, the new educational concept of continuous development, the company has introduced the United States, South Korea, Japan and other representative children’s cartoon products, we will build a first-class China children education industry and service brand "Bei Mika" the children’s home.


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