Suichuan County three arrows to create double innovation engine

employment service is getting better and better, make people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm rising, in Jiangxi County of Suichuan Province urged innovation three arrows, entrepreneurial business platform and entrepreneurial environment for entrepreneurs.

innovative forms of propaganda, guide entrepreneurial innovation. To guide and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation projects as the starting point, the county community sector seriously combs the public venture, the highly innovative policies, in addition to television "labor security window" publication, printed leaflets, posters, banners and other traditional media.

by "Suichuan micro employment" and "Suichuan people club" WeChat public number and other forms of new media, a full range of publicity "double" assistance policy, to carry out policy to send, send jobs to send training activities, really build a strong public entrepreneurship, innovation atmosphere.

organizers in training several times to hire business mentor and experts to carry out entrepreneurial guidance services, to take on-site interaction, case analysis, group discussion, brainstorming, sand table etc. teaching, also invited entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs who teach students entrepreneurial success experience, all-round to help students enhance the ability of entrepreneurship. In the first 3 months of this year, the county held a total of entrepreneurship training in the 4 phase, the training of students, a total of 208 students to help achieve the success of entrepreneurship.


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