Nine legal risks during the period of venture capital

under the influence of entrepreneurial tide, people have ignited a passion for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship can not rely on enthusiasm, a lot of professional knowledge need to know. "I want to start shouting" easily, entrepreneurs first step is very difficult, if this is the first registered bank, the financial problem is the second hurdle.

A, invoice invoice as precious, lost money lost

now enterprises to the tax authorities to purchase invoices is free fee, but lost the invoice is to be fined, or even lost the invoice fines of more than 100 yuan, it is really "ticket than your money". In this remind the boss to cherish the same as the treasure of the invoice, even if it has been canceled invoices or stubs, there are 5 years of shelf life, to be properly kept, or to be fined up to $30 thousand fine. So, if you lose the invoice should be in the first time to report the tax department and was declared invalid, for a lighter punishment.

two, is not you want to leave, turn off the related

Some bosses think

four, the lost book to a fine of

Some bosses and accounting for

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