Langfang’s life at the last minute to ensure the safety of the passengers

sudden illness is inevitable, if you are sick, you can not take into account the safety of others? In Hebei Langfang, good brother of the heroic deeds to save the spread brought more high streets and back lanes, to meet people, worth millions of people optimistic about the Langfang city health emergency center received a distress call. A man claiming to be a taxi passengers, his taxi traveling to the city road and the Milky Way Yonghua road junction, the driver of sudden illness syncope. He was moved by the driver in front of syncope by the last conscious awareness, help stabilize the steering wheel, the car stopped at the roadside.

second days afternoon, I saw the taxi driver’s family. It is understood that the driver named Wang Yong team, 46 year old, who lives in Anci District Zhuang Xiang Qiu North Desheng village in Langfang city. Father drove a taxi more than a year, usually good health, cold and fever are rare. Doctors preliminary judgment is brainstem hemorrhage, the disease came too suddenly, there is no sign." Wang Yongdui’s son, Wang Hao, told the author.

Wang Hao memories, 26 7:30, the sky floating snow, Wang Yong as usual to drive a taxi away from home. Before the incident, Wang Yong team called him and said: "I felt numb, you quickly come to." At that time, my father’s voice was weak. After confirming the address with his father, Wang Hao and his mother in the past. On the way, he called his father again. Unexpectedly, this is the passenger on the taxi. The other said that the driver has fainted, the situation is very bad, he has dialed 120 call ambulance.

driver in the end of life, for his painting a perfect stop, and a small move, to ensure the safety of passengers, passengers have brought great security. Finally, the ambulance has arrived, emergency personnel immediately to the hospital. Unfortunately, although the doctor to rescue, Wang Yongdui’s illness has become more serious, and ultimately died on the same day 17.

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