To play the game to hire couriers to send misappropriation of public funds 70 thousand wages

media has reported that many young people are addicted to games that cause physical illness or social problems. Recently there has been news that a courier to play games and send pieces of hire, misappropriated 70 thousand yuan of public funds, the final surrender.

32 years old people in Quzhou a little hard work in Hangzhou, in August last year, a small promise when express little brother. When the rest of the day, Xiao Xu walked into the cafe to relax, but I did not expect to come into contact with an online game, addicted. Even after working time in playing games, small day 700 yuan to hire a school. Later, Xu Xu spent all their savings, no money to pay the wages, so they will be diverted to pay the courier company to pay the cost of delivery. The end of the small Xu Dong fight together enough money to return to the company, chose to surrender to the police station.

sent to the Internet


in August last year, a small promise of a courier company in Hangzhou, the road of triumph, find a job, do we know express little brother.

in the cafe, Xiao Xu found that the majority of people seem to Internet cafes, are playing a game called hero alliance, which makes him a curiosity.

in order to play the hero alliance, spent 700 yuan to hire OEM

every day

mention hero alliance, many people will feel familiar. This is almost the hottest online games. Compared with the MOBA is the ancestor game DOTA, heroes Union more easy to use, the screen behind, unlike online role-playing online games need to do the task, will be able to login a game, simple and fun.

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