What need to pay attention to the opening shop

florist business is now better, so many investors want to do business in the florist. So, operating a flower shop, what matters should be paid attention to? Xiao Bian introduced.

1, flower rental. Flower rental can be divided into temporary lease and long-term lease. Long term lease is suitable for frequent social activities and places, such as hotels, travel agencies, etc..

family leasing: many families are willing to raise a few pots of flowers to the United States and home decoration. However, due to busy work, fast pace of life, as well as the lack of knowledge of gardening, flowers often do not get a good management, not satisfactory, can not have the effect of beautifying the home. Flower lease can relieve people of this trouble, people spend a lot of money, you can enjoy the flowers can be changed at home, and save the trouble brought about by flowers.

holiday rental: people can also be friends, family reunion, celebrate the holidays, rent a few flowers placed in the home, can render the festive atmosphere, an elegant style. Flower rental services, has long been the rise of many large and medium cities, the way the service is also diverse.

2, providing flower design services. With floral dress, wedding venue, office, residential and other places to render the atmosphere is relatively common, but because the organizers lack of specialized technical knowledge, the consequences are often costly, but not up to the desired atmosphere effect, so the service conception of flower design came into being. What do you want to pay attention to? In addition to a variety of flowers, flowers and plants, the symbolic meaning of a deeper study, but also should have the color, composition, architecture, psychology and other knowledge.

flower shop to pay attention to what? According to the requirements of the service object to achieve the effect of the atmosphere, flower design, display. As we have to dress up a room, it should be according to the type of the theme of the conference, guests and service objects to determine the rendering of the atmosphere effect, and in order to determine what flower artistic design, placed flowers, by what ways and patterns.

3, providing flower clinic service. Now many units and families are willing to keep on a few flowers, to decorate the room, but because of the lack of horticultural knowledge, soil, temperature and humidity conditions required for flowers and winter summer measures do not understand, to keep a good flower. What do you want to pay attention to? Therefore, we can set up a flower clinic, and the opening of the flower doctor hotline to accept the flowers of the masses to protect the consultation for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and insect pests, and tissue repair. Can also use the existing facilities, set up "flower ward", for some delicate flower care, some winter flowers provide places etc..

4, provide flower reservation service. What do you want to pay attention to? Flower >

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