Open a pet hospital can make money

we will be sick, cute little animals, too, there are special for them to see a doctor’s pet hospital, there is a great demand for the kitten puppy can also make a lot of money to see a doctor? You’re right! Now this is a very profitable industry, even more than open pharmacies, clothing, food, home stores also earn. Now, many families have pets, or Xipixiaolian matador, or hair curly poodle, all have one or two small pets, so pet hospital market prospects.

market analysis:

pet doctor: 20 yuan registered, hanging brine ~200 yuan 120 yuan, 6 doctors and nurses to serve the 3. In the eyes of many people, pets can exercise their patience and sense of responsibility. Some are kept outside the busy business, afraid of wife at home alone, specially bought for his wife company; some parents to children to buy "anaerobic"; some are considering raising domestic safety; some is the Ding Ke family put it as a child; there is a white-collar miss because of love or something unpleasant, a pet to adjust their mood. In either case, these pets have become a part of the family, in the eyes of the owner is not an animal.

so the family member is sick, see a doctor naturally sloppy. Small clinic clinic fee is quite expensive: 20 yuan registered, if a few days to see a doctor, then received a common hanging brine of $120 / bottle, if you want to add special agents in brine, about 200 yuan. All the tables in the clinic were occupied by the kittens and puppies, without exception, hung with salt water, and their owners were accompanied by a side, the expression is also uncomfortable than small animals.

diarrhea, cough, skin disease is a common disease of pets, and humans are pets will be born of cancer, gall stone product, so also can hardly be avoided. X light meter, biochemical analyzer, blood cell, the clinic specializes in the acquisition of these human medical equipment, but also for small animals to relieve pain. Of course, the owner will have to spend a lot of money on medical expenses. Now there are nearly 3 6000~7000 pets in a clinic with a fixed medical record card, with a maximum of nearly 20~30 puppies a day at the clinic, and 6 doctors and two nurses.

in addition to see a doctor, the owner of the beauty of the pet like to dress up with their own match, so trim, cut nails, a full set of styling is one of the main contents of the clinic. Open pet hospital to make money? Especially in the new year’s day, in the clinic for the beauty of the crowd no less than the beauty salon, beauty salon customers.

investment analysis:

25 a day dog doctor calculation, only the registration fee is 500 yuan, while the doctor, a bottle of water is very polite: 120 yuan ~200 yuan, the general recommended a puppy

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