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site map. Establish the site map, but at the same time, the site map submitted to the search engine, but the best site map link on the top of the home page, which is beneficial to the search engine on the web page to grab all.

if the pictures don’t understand to look back, here the picture content is home to all list page chain, chain home to some of the content page; list page chain to the home page, list page chain to the relevant content of the page; the content page chain to the home page, content page to chain related list page content page link to a partial list page. Here is to emphasize the time on the site to build the site layout are considered, or late to want to change, may have a great impact on your website.

The structure and layout of How could ?

two sites within the chain.

Chain Optimization Website for just contact site optimization friends will be a bit strange, so in the end of the site within the chain is what Dongdong, how to optimize the site within the chain through effective operation? Today Jiulai Zhai to discuss with you own experience for some sites within the chain. Hope that through this article can let you really recognize the importance of the site within the chain.


, a web site within the chain of

web site chain (also is the site of the internal links), refers to each link between a site in domain name under different content pages, the reasonable layout in chain is conducive to improve the efficiency of user experience crawling indexing and search engine on the web crawler, to effectively transfer the weights of the website, so as to increase your search engine and enhance the website weight.

What is the

three, the chain optimization method. The optimization of the site within the chain is a very important link in the Shanghai dragon, the chain optimization can make the search engine spiders crawler down web pages to creep index, thus the website included more easily, the small Zhai summed up the following five methods:


. Site navigation as far as possible the use of text format, I think this is all very clearly. Excessive pursuit of beauty and use pictures or JS drop-down menu for search engine friendly, at the same time for the station link transmission weight is not easy, even search engine can not identify the links.

3, try to use text navigation

site is generally divided into a tree and flat two structure, here I in the most simple "home page list page page" structure for everyone to discuss specific, by the way I for some of the views in the layout of the chain. General web link layout can be simplified into three modules: the following links between.

2, a column of not more than 8, three less than for the column level. The enterprise website general navigation column is best not more than 8, and the structure of the site to three magnitude is more suitable, so, no matter for browsing or for the search engine is a way to increase user experience and friendly.

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