On the chain and how to distribute the content on the website in different periods

say that the content and the chain how much amount of

personally feel that the two are very important, see this sentence is certainly a lot of people say: this would you say, cheating is not important? It is important, the key lies in how you on the site in different periods to distinguish which, on which? I think the chain was more important than content, why now? Not before that wine is not afraid of deep alley era, there are in the front or edifice, other smell covered, where can spread so far? So early we advertise more products is more important, your products, content, other people can not see, the hair pulled calf, of course, if your content is willing to work hard to do it, it is still able to go way out, but it is very laborious, time-consuming. Outside chain is equivalent to the website advertising, in the early stage to increase the intersection for the site, whether it is the search engine or the user can have the opportunity to visit your site from this intersection, provide more intersection, more the number of search engines to climb, the more of the weights of the website promotion is relatively fast.

chain and the content of


in the website medium, the content and the chain is equally important, need to focus on maintaining a lot of content, to improve the quality of website, provide more weight for the user, increase website viscosity. Outside chain or the same advertising, enhance weight.

everyone’s energy and patience is limited, impossible endless to do outside the chain and content, there are many things to do, especially like me personal webmaster, no team website, not just one, but many things, which have so much time to do the chain and content. So this is the time to consider how to allocate it.


believe that many people have had doubts, what is important, or the chain is more important, the king and emperor which promotes more effective? Which can better enhance the website weight? How much amount of content and the chain? Honestly, these problems have knots and me for a long time, even if the some problems are not considered, it is not called the Shanghai dragon, even the chain are not. To solve these problems below I will talk about my personal opinion:

personal is according to keywords >

which is important?

on the site later, basically do not need to do what the chain, because the site has a lot of people know, almost can be said to have formed a certain brand, search engine and users of the site has a lot of trust, no longer need so much to the intersection, and will also help the masses at this time the contents of publicity, more important than the chain, this is not the chain of many large websites also have very good ranking reasons, do not think that large sites are not the chain, they are in fact before the chain step by step to sit up, but now do not need to do the chain for a long time, or do not neglect, the chain gradually are not included. Of course, by the latter content is not enough, depending on the application and management.

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