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The quality and frequency of updates

keyword appears and the density of keywords in the


analysis from this figure, the word Qingdao registered company density is 4.3%, ranking third. That is to say the keyword density, the ranking will become. Another aspect is the keyword appears position. In general, the title key position is in the front rank, the better. For the title, description, Keywords tag three respects, simple and clear is the most basic. For example, the A5 station network will be on the admin5贵族宝贝 website | webmaster webmaster information and service center of this title is very brief and clear, not more than 30 words, also highlights the theme of the site is the webmaster information and service center, we can learn good. Description and keywords to describe how the same theme, simple and elegant, this is the specificationmethod.

chain is king, the chain for the emperor this sentence we all know Shanghai dragon er. The chain also occupies a very important position in the Shanghai dragon, key links and will increase the weight of a web page, never bring ranking. Don’t ignore the site within the chain, sometimes a useful chain than in the forum one hundred outside the chain to be more useful. The construction of the chain, so there are a lot of methods, it is important to note with a pointing text link is the high quality of the chain. The chain also need correlation and universality, the same chain with their own site theme and location can increase the user experience, and then bring love Shanghai traffic, increase weight. Extensive means more involved, not only.

three in the construction of the chain and the chain

for website content update, basically the original. With the key words of the original articles can be included, will help improve the website weight and keywords ranking will naturally improve, the most important is through this method, the optimization of the website, keywords ranking is relatively stable. There is a correlation between the content of the article, it can attract users, reduce the rate of jump out. The frequency of updates you must pay attention to the same content. The update is timely, but with the passage of time, the website update slowly bursts, the weight of the website and the flow rate will decline, so stick is important. Shanghai dragon Andy think is a must have the patience to work, patience and perseverance to do so will take Shanghai dragon, update time don’t slack off.

two website content updateThe quality of

Hello, I’m Andy! For Shanghai dragon, keywords ranking has always been our greatest concern. He believes that the Shanghai dragon optimization effect is directly reflected in the keyword ranking, keyword ranking optimization do good, naturally high. Andy is now doing "Qingdao bookkeeping", the key has been ranked in the second page, 17 or so, see some row in front of Shanghai Longfeng information website, Andy summed up a few rules and ideas.


The position of the

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