Love Shanghai official statement questioning love Shanghai there is no official authority


at the same time we are trying to restore the normal high priority site query service, we will strengthen the corresponding safeguard mechanism, to prevent the recurrence of similar problems, I am very sorry


6.22 and 6.28 love Shanghai official statement:

!Finally, we emphasize the All in the circle inside with vigour and vitality of everyone!Recently we

out of some conditions in the update process, resulting in site query syntax namely numerical site:xxx贵族宝贝 returns is allowed, most of the site site numerical query syntax and precise index dropped by dozens of times, please do not because site returns a value large decline caused panic and speculation, the syntax of the site value fell do not represent the true love is reflected in the reduction in Shanghai.

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love the Shanghai statement to improve the user experience, against low quality sites, but we find love Shanghai this update later user experience worse, a lot of information search is a garbage station, could not find what we want the official information and the official website, is this the love of Shanghai called

site syntax is only an estimate value, it is recommended that you use the index tool of official love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, indexing precision query


this two days in the group saw a word should be the most "awful", the majority of owners in retaliation for Shanghai and Shanghai love love Click bidding, I am here to discuss this way is right or wrong, at least it has great influence and impact,


A review of the user experience?

whether in their wrong things or to small owners under the stable mood, today in just half an hour in Shanghai, love in the official forum once again issued a statement: (here is the official words)

6.28 and the "black Friday" event, the two day because of the small owners to click event and love Shanghai auction warming, although we are just grass, but our sweat and toil nor be living "off"! There are K station and reduce the phenomenon included why before love Shanghai update algorithm, this is why bukekaijiao? Because in the event of love towards Shanghai without the official authority before

webmaster love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, website site index query tool precision index included, and reference flow changes from Shanghai to the site of love.

still think: love Shanghai more and more no official authority! Dare to face their own problems, always published some of no importance that stationmaster counter love Shanghai click for events is only because the site data is not accurate?


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