Love Shanghai update what’s wrong to kill many sites


There are a large number of acquisition or pseudo original web content

The Shanghai crackdown

love Shanghai has made it clear that this update is mainly aimed at the content of low quality of the site, so if your site is used by collecting or false original to increase the amount collected, then it may be blocked. But my website content is 90% of their original, there is a little published some friends reprint articles, but also after they reproduced the same.

site is bad

love big update is still very strong, I love the stars in several sites in this update has been affected, when my own website is affected, the first feeling is not likely to be blocked because of his love for Shanghai, the website is a little bit of doing it slowly, and what is not serious cheating. When you see their love Shanghai issued after the announcement, it is firm to his idea, love the Shanghai hit mainly the relatively low quality of website content website, and their website basically are original content, so it is not within the scope of the impact. Love Shanghai in the announcement of the final accuracy of the renewal of his views, first love Shanghai affirmed the strategy of the algorithm (no one will take the initiative to draw their own a slap in the face), but that may still have wrong kill phenomenon, and remind the webmaster friends, if found their website is wrong kill, can respond to complaints through the love of Shanghai. As for how to judge their own website is not to be loved in Shanghai killing, we can be analyzed by the following reasons.


the previous love stars also said, love Shanghai for the website of cheating recently hit very serious, like those before black hat Shanghai Longfeng approach, even though it can get a better ranking in a short period of time, but before long it blocked the search engine. So webmaster friends can look at their site if there are cheating, if there is cheating, so please immediately stop cheating.



now love Shanghai has consciously started manual intervention the website ranking, this is in my previous article mentioned, before a few day Shanghai released in June 22nd 28, and large-scale K station report. In the report, Shanghai love of this large-scale K station is to improve the user experience, and denied the K station to the fact that the explanation for the adjustment of the search engine algorithm, to love Shanghai’s own anti cheat strategy update. But in the announcement more clearly the update and upgrade the purpose is to combat the low quality of the site, but also love Shanghai to explain the low quality of the site: no original, pseudo original (on acquisition machine and modify the content).

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