The higher the weight of new sites included the site to increase

is due to second causes of the new content page is not the case, because the site outside the chain is not enough, rich enough to cause the search engine spiders not to crawl the website or is not included but we update the content. In the face of this problem there are two solutions: 1, increase the number and distribution of the chain, with high correlation with the website is better, the main approach is, BBS signature, Links portal, blog and other forms; 2, the use of total station high site links bait to attract spider crawling your latest web page: This is the focus of this article to explain things.

Problems included


first, recommend some weight high website for your reference: A5, love Shanghai related websites, search related websites etc.. Of course, this is only a small part, there are more similar sites. So how to use these sites to do link bait? For some articles websites such as A5, so we can write some articles to contribute, these web search engines usually crawl very frequently, if once contribute success, but also can leave the website links, can be immediately attracted by these spiders web crawling to your site, but if you do not write too much trouble, you can also use the website forum, usually one devoted to attract spider forum, have good results; for each big search engine’s products website, for example: love Shanghai know, Soso Ask, you can search related problems to answer, leaving the way content page link address (this is a little better), as long as you are not completely copy the content page The Internet of things, no accident, second days will be included (I believe that every webmaster will have one or two links can be left on account of it, there is not much to say).

This paper focuses on the

short, make the search engine included your site content page to ensure that the basic principle is that content quality, multi exposure your site in the search engine front, if you can update the content of the page direct exposure is better, the use of the right.

for the content page quality problems caused by not included in this article, the scope of the discussion here, just a little mention of the content page, the higher the degree of quality, it is easy to be included, the higher the degree of quality is the originality of higher consciousness, search engines are always included original love what if your site has a large number of original content words, I think you must be included not bad to go by.

new content page, has been a lot of webmaster headache, new sites included poor, resulting in a chain is not easy, not to mention the hope that through the long tail word brings flow content page. So how to avoid this problem, appropriately increase the content page included? We need to understand is why what new content page has not included, the reason has two: first, the contents of the page quality; two, site outside the chain is not enough to.

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