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Hello, I am Liang Lei. Recently some customer consultation, I found the customer started to pay attention to the 360 search, I ask how in 360 search search to your web site, in fact, 360 search has been many people watching the Shanghai dragon and webmaster. Now customers want to do for the 360 Shanghai dragon search optimization, this is reasonable, because the 360 search does bring a lot of traffic to the site. Before the 360 search is refers to the acquisition of search data so love Shanghai, love Shanghai later on search result URL is encrypted, as a Shanghai dragon, a new search engine once occupied a certain proportion of the search market, then we should go to study it, but too early to study 360 search there is little. Today I want to compare 360 examples by the difference between search and love Shanghai, something.

: a search for "love Shanghai Shanghai dragon" drop-down box



360 search "Shanghai dragon" drop-down box

reflect on why such a display 360 search drop-down box content? I feel 360 more likely to search for small and medium-sized website certainly in Shanghai dragon world mixed with no do not know Shanghai dragon why forum, so in the drop-down box shows the 3 records are about Shanghai dragon why, but several other search keywords, such as movies, the end of the world, novels and so few words, you will find two search engines display the drop-down box contents are basically the same. I think 360 search drop-down box used for calculation of love in Shanghai, and the words "Shanghai dragon" should be special treated. The ranking can compare the two search engines on the first page, because of the great amount of data, no way to compare one, we can collect several industry search words, look in the differences between the two ranking algorithm.

A comparison of the

and figure two you can see what? Love Shanghai drop-down box shows the contents of a more comprehensive, Shanghai Longfeng technology, Shanghai dragon query, Shanghai dragon tools, and 360 search results appear in the drop-down box to display a few Shanghai dragon training site, such as: Shanghai why, Shanghai dragon password moon, Shanghai dragon dragon, funny is the Shanghai dragon Hyun is a star of the English name, and the Shanghai dragon certainly nothing, but the name may be matched to the words "Shanghai dragon", while in Shanghai dragon password news is a bit outdated, that time is password raise a Babel of criticism of Shanghai Dragon fried, now seems to have disappeared from the user experience point of view, 360 search drop-down box information is far better than love Shanghai search drop-down box, the quasi Accuracy and timeliness are not good.


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