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on Wednesday, the search engine will be a small update, Thursday update generally decided this week’s ranking, more stable. In Wednesday’s update is not very accurate, some confusion, so the webmaster in this day to see the updates are not too concerned about because it is not very accurate, this is to avoid the webmaster do useless work must understand.


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Shanghai dragon is complicated manual work, very time-consuming, the search engine update time period, the promotion is often hard to do, not necessarily return. From the efficiency point of view, if the webmaster can avoid the useless, so we have to optimize the efficiency of security, so that as far as possible the meaning of our work.

from the overall situation, Shanghai dragon brings the ranking and traffic, but traffic is not equal to the profit. The first row of your keywords, there are a lot of visitors to your site, but how many visitors will be attracted to your site as your users? This is the conversion rate, if the conversion rate is zero, all the webmaster Shanghai Longfeng work not to play the application value, it is basically useless work. And you want to put a station to be ranked first or home from scratch is not easy. The webmaster, please pay enough attention to the conversion rate, otherwise hard not to return.

is updated website content, put the old things on their own website interpret out of context on what is the use? The content of the site construction without any help. Many webmaster feel completely copying is not good, it is to deceive the public, put all sorts of things together, self deception, not to say a waste of time together, is often the result of the poor readability, the user is completely useless. Not only is the collection of affected, more important is the user experience. This approach is worse than direct copying of high quality articles. The webmaster to avoid this futile act, one does not have any value information to the user’s site is meaningless. Don’t put all sorts of things together, please pay attention to your content quality. And take the time to join in the 30 article, do not spend time to write a good article with little value.

artificial words don’t do

to promote their own websites with the industry resources is a lot to be adopted. But the owners should be cautious, too many friends of the chain will cause the site right down, took the time to add more, probably will only bring great distress to the website. What’s more, only a chain and a snapshot, not related to other factors. The poor quality of the chain is not only a waste of your time, but also affects the image search engine on your website, and may even cause you to be K station.

Small update

cautious chain

put all sorts of things togetherSince

this involves the choice of keywords, with political overtones, healthy words are artificial word, do not do, many big brands is not selected, do anything.

ranking and profit

The use of

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