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keywords ranking network

many small webmaster in optimize your web site will be mainly to optimize the main keywords, as for the long term, can optimize the number on the optimization of the number, actually this is the right thing to do, but the problem is that the China Shanghai dragon is basically not an industry, because it is still not too much formal, Obsession proposed the concept of keyword ranking network to promote the industry to China Shanghai Longfeng standardization, scientific. The wind of the concept of keyword ranking, webmaster friends can establish a monitoring table, according to the keywords ranking network model to weave the industry a keyword ranking network, but if your web site keywords ranking no net, then you are equal to the optimal target, but not very clear indicators. I will be an example to illustrate the importance of keywords ranking network.

industry: Shanghai dragon network


I am currently responsible for the Shanghai part-time accounting network as an example, the main keywords have good ranking, there is a word called "Shanghai generation accounts accounting", so the word do go up and can not guarantee the potential customers of all types will be caught, for example, some people will search "Shanghai generation bookkeeping and accounting" "Shanghai" Shanghai accounting accounting accounting "generation accounts"… Wait, I think the different cultural level, different occupation groups, different age groups of the search words are not the same, so if we only do a subject "Shanghai generation accounts accounting", and the long tail keywords to see the weather ", then we will lose many customers effectively. So many small and medium-sized enterprises are the main site, you can be a little to make a website main keywords, but as long as you are one of the main keywords, put the word "through", let the word search or search is similar to the word users all can catch, in this way, it will increase your website dialogue rate. I believe that through the above case, we should be able to understand this truth. Another advantage is: if you are the main keywords optimization up, then to optimize the long tail keywords meaning and similar is very easy.

a ranking network composed of three elements: a parent word (primary key), the word line (long tail keywords) and optimization (composed of long tail words with the corresponding parent word). The parent word I want everyone to know, I will not say more, the key is in.

keywords ranking the first web China Shanghai dragon worker Obsession proposed, keywords ranking network is defined by one or more industry main keywords extended out many long tail keywords, the keywords to establish a ranking monitoring table, the main keywords for parent word by the parent word extended out the long tail word extension. The parent word and word line to form a line optimization, a network optimization is obtained by cross multiple line optimization called keyword ranking network.

keywords ranking The progress of

case description: seize any potential customers

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