Sun Jingwei Website Optimization and user experience which affect the ranking of the largest

?Question six:

now do Shanghai dragon are a common phenomenon that is: website should be updated every day, as if every day can do up the rankings. We estimate to the web site to update it every day as a website. Let’s say your website:

two: a snapshot of 3.4 months ago, but the ranking has been very stable

estimates that many webmaster have encountered the problem above! ~ your site included quantity obviously increases every day, but the ranking is going downhill, go down down down sometimes. Before I have encountered this situation, also let me worried for a long time, that web site to search engine friendliness. Today, mainly for the above problems to an analysis.


seven: why your website into a million and the daily traffic is only a few dozen or more than 100

update site is the quality of weight, or the number is


three: high PR value, high included the chain, the ranking is less than those outside the chain, included less website ranking

to tell you a few questions, after reading this article, whether can completely change your former website optimization idea. In fact, the website not updated every day, to send the chain every day.

problem: their website is increasing every day, but the number has gone against the direction of

first, the correlation of website content. A web site may even update some out of order will not affect your site included, but if there is not a particularly prominent theme, and your program content is far, not a correlation and site theme, even if included in the site’s ranking is not great. But not too much to update relevant content dropped for a reason. For example, the name of our company is to build Tianjin worth website, we can see the main keywords ranking website construction sites in Tianjin, Tianjin, Tianjin website production, website design, Tianjin website, Tanggu website construction and so on these words. The company every day I updated, can not find a good theme update many of the network marketing, resulting in ranking has fallen.

four: the "content is king, the chain for the true meaning of the emperor"

second, the construction site within the chain. Within the site chain construction can not only emphasize the theme of the web site keywords, but also increase the website included. Once remember Shanghai dragon Er predecessors said a word: "the chain ranking". But the emphasis now on the search engine in the chain can be said with the chain as important. The amount collected and the construction of the chain is.


for website optimization, website and update daily site outside the chain of two things

? ? ?

do not know when the webmaster do optimization have the common problems of the following:

?Question five:

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