The chain for the emperor era no longer exists content will become a true king


There is no denying the fact that

is the chain should be in a few years ago on the keywords ranking plays a decisive role. "Google bomb" that had been a Shanghai dragon friends should know that is two completely unrelated words, as long as the anchor text and the chain can be a large number of words make up (and this approach greatly hurt the search engine, but also to deceive the user, when the search engine had been aware of the weight of the chain can not be given too high). This is enough to explain the chain in Shanghai Longfeng in importance, no wonder to the title "the chain for emperor". Before looking at the ZAC Shanghai Longfeng actual combat password this book when he has a choice in the back of the book, it is said that after the chain effect, I is to determine the impact of the chain will increasingly decline, but not with the same keywords accumulation do nothing, after all, the entire Internet is the only link together, and search engine spiders also need to rely on links to crawl the web that can judge the chain does not like getting keywords accumulation has no effect, the chain no matter what I believe is will affect the ranking, only affect the size. My judgment is that the future search engine algorithm is user experience oriented, often with the colleagues of the company about this problem, I said the search engine is only to see the chain, cannot read the content, so a few years ago the chain became the dominant keywords ranking of the most important factors. But in the future development of the search engine is based on the user’s shape as a criterion.

"content is king, the chain for emperor" do not know how many people in Shanghai dragon is the truth, but I have a different view, right I also don’t know everyone listen to false, since many Shanghai dragon Er listened to the content is king, the chain for the emperor, so do a lot of Shanghai dragon every day to do is to update the content, to the hair of the chain, and even some outsiders might think Shanghai dragon is the chain of work, not what technical content, actually I want to say is this kind of idea is wrong, I wrote an article in front of Shanghai Longfeng do website will die only Shanghai dragon website over the Shanghai dragon is not optimized, ranking optimization is the goal, ranking is only the result after optimization. Today I also met a lot of friends just learning Shanghai dragon is the idea that the chain is more important than the content, in fact, I want to say is the chain for the emperor era has ceased to exist, the content will become a true king. Don’t superstitious chain for the emperor that the true saying, because today’s search engine has changed, change to let the chain can no longer be the keywords ranking emperor, then for you to analyze why the chain is no longer content for the emperor, why has it become a real king.

actually said that content is king can also be said that the user experience is king, when Google bomb appeared in that year, Google engineers have realized outside the chain as an important factor in ranking is not reasonable, but not a sudden change, all aspects of the data collection.

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