Taobao guest website how to analyze the value of mining high conversion keywords experience sharing

The change of

2, mining conversion value, the high rate of

1, Taobao customers common keywords, which word index is out of the brush


contact Taobao customer has been more than two years, Amoy music department is the first 09 years of the site, the site has also experienced two love Shanghai K station, and some Taobao customers always hear some webmaster exchange and so on complaints: Taobao relevant keywords love Shanghai index is very high, but not easy to do no income, my site every day hundreds of IP, how did not deal ah, and so on and so on.





index of some words is very stable, some words in the sea search volume is very unstable. The reason is very simple that human search brush up index. In fact, in his query website ranking, but also potentially increasing the index of the word love Shanghai, plus the competitor query, the word index will gradually rise. So please the webmaster to polish his eyes, don’t be blinded by love Shanghai cable index, select the keyword error.

(Commodity Promotion Solution CPS is off), commodity promotion solutions, is a portal based on network media, through the website, showing a continuous full of goods, prompting the user perception, an innovative way to promote preferences and buy. Use appropriate tools query keywords. A keyword mining tools query keywords, will list at least dozens of relevant keywords, then any one of these new queries, constantly digging through this way, find out some valuable keywords from. The best to make a table to do the first round of the record, and then give the variant forms of words, synonyms, similar morphology, before and after the replacement, the keywords with location method to infer more long tail keywords, and these long tail keywords to easily optimize the word conversion rate is a better word. We can see a lot of Taobao – >

we first analyze the key words about Taobao Adsense customers often choose what, we can use the love station network keyword ranking tool, which is related to the keywords to find the taobao贵族宝贝, the author selects some representative words, love Shanghai and the query index, as follows:

The change of

keywords "taobao贵族宝贝 ladies summer odd Amoy network love Shanghai index a year.

From the chart we can see that the .

as a guest, when selecting keywords, to find out two key problems: 1, the index of keywords is natural or painted? 2, the flow of import keywords is the conversion rate of high flow

?What are the

keywords "Taobao mall shoes" love Shanghai index for a year.

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