An in depth analysis of the site keywords ranking on the bounce rate

3, Shanghai could not love their own destiny to teach the webmaster. Because the majority of owners know how to brush site traffic, every day can brush out tens of thousands of visits, and are directly out of. For example: I want to jump out rate of brush www.ups1988贵族宝贝, I use some tools such as flow wizard, brush, causing the station out rate is very high. This thing is who can not control the. Oh, you know Taobao people should understand it, I will not say, to avoid this chaos.

– love Shanghai why not use third party data rate out of

website bounce rate, and the site site jump out rate is real data, statistical tools can be obtained through the website website jump out rate. The website jump out rate will affect the love of Shanghai ranked below in-depth analysis?.

– love Shanghai can get the site the true bounce rate of

– the bounce rate is the key to the survival of the website.


if you don’t love Shanghai, love Shanghai he could not be the site’s true bounce rate, because Shanghai is not likely to love your website and add code to the statistical data. But love can be obtained by other means Shanghai website bounce rate data, get the data such as cnzz, with 51 friends or cooperation. Each of these approaches are possible, but even if it exists, love Shanghai will not put this stuff on the love of Shanghai algorithm.

love Shanghai looks like a bounce rate concept, certainly may not call out rate, there can be.

Once the user

in your web site is to solve the user’s problem; whether to get the trust of users; if the user wants to give information, for example: I want to find a battery repair problem, I came to a storage site, found that this site only battery sale information, the website it is not what I need, I will immediately shut down the site, so the operation after the site’s jump out rate is high. A lot of methods to reduce the website bounce rate, this is not all tired out, we can think about. At the same time the site out of site stickiness low to high, help to sell products or services, this point of sale website is very useful.

– the love in Shanghai there is no concept of the rate of


1, love Shanghai if you do this, it is unfair to many websites. First of all, large sites have their systems, do not use cnzz or 51 and three party statistics; secondly, many sites do not use statistical system. If you love Shanghai use third party out rate data added to their own algorithm, not messed up.

2, Shanghai love can not put their fate in the hands of third party statistics. Because the theory of the third party statistics can be free to change yourself to the statistical data, in this case, Shanghai is not a very dangerous love.

? We all know that

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