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due to the free space website with IP more, not when the application is careless, must inquire your space server, is not the existence of illegal websites, or without registration website, with can read: check the website with IP is safe.

website best choice in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other regions to find some strict regulation of the Internet, the Internet developed areas are taken across the board system, but not a server, the whole room, please prepare a spare space. It is very easy to be hurt.

for funds are not sufficient for the stationmaster, apply for a free space is more practical, although not a matter of expediency, but when the room problems on your server /, you can quickly transfer space. Of course, before, you always need to backup site data.

said, web site backup and monitoring service, so even if the website problems, website latest data is still in our hands, this time a temporary free space will come in handy, in the agitation of the Internet, in case of emergency, can try to use free space as a temporary use of the site over time.

station and free free channel resource update speed is a bit slow, but recommended mostly free resources, some excellent stability such as free space, free binding a domain name and other resources, is a good place to find free resources. Recommend at least for a domestic / foreign two free space, once the domestic environmental impact, then moved to the temporary foreign space is a good choice.

it’s a cold winter this year, is expected in a period of time, there will be tens of thousands of small and medium-sized site closures, has explained in a blog announcement, Jiangxi, Shandong, Sichuan and other provinces in the IDC room almost across the board off the network, in the face of the sealing station, we should always prepare a problem immediately. Transfer, to minimize the loss. The choice of a free space is one of a good way. Of course, if you can apply for funds, pay to the site space to spare.

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