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in the website, we must first of the needs of users and search habits are analyzed, reasonable layout, so we must use some love Shanghai’s tools, rather than relying on their own intuition, or you might enter the misunderstanding. There are a lot of love Shanghai official to provide tools that used in the layout of the site, we on the site before the establishment of the main to introduce two tools for your warranty: 1. love Shanghai love Shanghai index 2. assistant. Below we to analyze.


index is a keyword analysis tool must be used. Open the love Shanghai index, enter the keywords you want to query, we can see the first is a key heat trend chart, the word can reflect a keyword in different periods or different seasons the user needs directly. Tourism in Hainan as an example, please see below:

We love Shanghai Before

in the search box enter the keywords LED car advertising, promotion assistant will provide accurate data for this keyword search and related keyword data, we can determine the user through the relevant search keywords led mobile advertising, LED advertising vehicle car search these key word frequency is relatively high, this is our goal in the web site keywords addition to the long tail keywords for extended target. So we can expand the target of the long tail, rather than by virtue of their intuition, users search for everything. You do good, no user search is meaningless.

from the above chart shows, Hainan tourism is seasonal, annual October to March is the second year of the Hainan tourist season, so if we do the Hainan tourism website, we can make this Hainan tourist guide on our website before October, and then to introduce customers to Hainan in winter to pay attention to what matters, then the user is certainly very love. So we should be adjusted according to the contents of the seasons on our website. In the summer, we can introduce some of the more cool, more suitable for summer attractions on the site, or the summer tour of Hainan.

love Shanghai Promotion Assistant provides a quite awesome data analysis tools for the owners, the keyword query function is free, but the regional data information query, we must open love Shanghai promotion account in order to guarantee that some people do not love the sea between the promotion, so there is no love Shanghai promotion account here, mainly talk about some function for free. First we have to install a love Shanghai promotion assistant software and register for an account, you can download directly to love Shanghai search and download, this is not much to say. Then enter the love of Shanghai to promote the advanced search assistant, click on the upper left corner, and then input the keywords you want to query, with the keyword LED advertising vehicle to my site as an example, please see below:


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