The inspiration of Shanghai Sogou known cubic Dragon


cube through the integration of massive Internet information fragmentation, re optimization calculation of the search results, will be the core of the information displayed to the user. And this is different from the traditional "keyword search", not only the web crawl data, but the introduction of the semantic understanding technology, trying to understand the user’s search intention can be accurately transmitted to the user search results. This is to allow the user to obtain information more simple, Sogou search released a new knowledge base search engine — "knowledge Cube", this is the first domestic search engine industry in the knowledge base search products.

many Er Shanghai Longfeng are discussing this change, I also saw many webmaster friends, said are very reasonable, the first launch of Sogou cubic know whether it to Shanghai dragon industry influence, Wuhan Shanghai dragon today to talk about this issue, from the changes it can give us what inspired Shanghai dragon like? Can be optimized for our future not to promote

has been paid little attention to Sogou search, emphasis has been placed on the love of Shanghai search, Sogou search at home yesterday by the word "Han Han novel", but that is very different from the previous results.

? Sogou search results !

you can see, and love Shanghai search results, Sogou search results more reasonable and more users want to advance sister! Has made innovations in the visible Sogou search results, love Shanghai, I found that this is an innovative search, Sogou Sogou called "knowledge cube".

search results


. User experience is always heavy in


love Shanghai

love Shanghai is not to make such a change, but the launch is indeed known cubic is conducive to the user experience, why should the user search keywords? Users to understand what the word? A perfect analysis mechanism is not mature, believe that the major search giants in the study, but the search with Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng do, I search for "Han Han" novels that I look like Han Han Xiao said, the purchase may be, may also be understanding, make a list of known cubic Han Han’s novels, but also note with year of publication, it is like to understand, I would have to click on my interest the book, and then make my choice! From my personal point of view, this is the best search results. For known cubic so, then the application to the Shanghai Dragon up, if the user enters into our website, we want to know what users want? What do we do? This is the beginning of a web site to locate the problem, put the user into the website we most want to know the information on the most prominent the location, allowing users to access information more easily, can only retain customers, and ultimately benefit the


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