is how to improve the local tourism website ranking

why headache? rankings?

first, tourism website content is demanding, if not a little travel knowledge and professional knowledge are unable to produce high quality content.

second, set up effective TDK, effective Title can make the search engine more easily given ranking, such as I hand this station Title: hi Dalian – a do Dalian island tourism portal. Is very simple, and can be arranged through a combination of selected many key words: Dalian tourism, Dalian island and Dalian island tourism etc.. Clear and easy to distinguish with other websites. Description: "Hi Dalian – Dalian island tourism network is an only island tourism portal, we provide the experience of professional Island Island Tourism Raiders for users to provide their own tourist island for you, and provide the island tourist routes, the most high quality and inexpensive for your accommodation, catering, specialty one-stop island tourism service. Dalian hi – your island tourism service experts! "Must contain the keywords, if you can.

a new corporate website for many web site optimization personnel for shoudaoqinlai, the competition between the enterprise website is not particularly large. They are products, services, news and content, there are a lot of industry website, there are a lot of classified information, these are the optimization of website resources. There are many optimization personnel resources in this area, and for a local travel website, I believe a lot of website optimization personnel will be a headache.

First, if you want to run

local tourism website, the domain name is very important, not only is better, and the best correlation with local, it is very important for the search engine and the chain, a good impression is a good start. Take my hand to the local tourism website, this website is Dalian island tourism, so the choice of the domain name is www.haidalian贵族宝贝, they will be the site named "Hi Dalian island tourism network" can not only let people remember the domain name, and has correlation with the main keywords, it also has a relationship with the city of Dalian. Therefore, the choice of the domain name is very important.

finally, the tourism website chain where released? No soft support, how to quickly upgrade the

second, tourism website especially local tourism portal, although the competition is much smaller than the national, but also by industry giants such as Ctrip, where to go, such as Ma beehive block.

again, optimization of the tourism website, suddenly do not know how to write text, do not know where to send the text. See a lot of optimization forums, you learn only one sentence: the same and other website optimization method.

a few days ago, received a local tourist site, the site is relatively large, the content is relatively small, the time is tight, heavy task. Fortunately, the domain name is better, and the local, continuous practice, the formation of a certain process, for everyone to share:

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