Some owners in need to pay attention to making 404 error page

webmaster do 404 error, in order to avoid the influence on the website, the webmaster is best to prevent major search engine spiders crawl or 404 included this mistake, why should we do this? In fact, it is also the reason is very simple, because it is the major search engines in order to prevent duplicate pages too much that led to the major search engines to disgust, which leads to the major search engines to reduce the weight of the website and the degree of goodwill, for after all has been in promoting the original content of the major search engines, repetition will only be a major web search engine punishment, serious and may lead to the site has been K, I think the webmaster does not want to cause the site to be punished!

so, after making mistakes after the 404 station, the best is to prevent major search engine spiders crawling included 404 this page, if the webmaster do not know how to prevent major search engine spiders crawling or included 404 of this page, you can simply pour me in this, only to enter the robots.txt file, and then in the add a "D>

2) after making 404 pages of the best end is forbidden to search engine spiders crawling

I have done a test, which is used to detect in two sites, 404 error page placed jump code is what is the impact on the search engine, the result is not a place to jump code in 404 error page website, each big search engine is still updated normally, normal included, not because the 404 error page is what; instead, the error rate of 404 in the jump page placement code website is not normal, the first is the site is down right to love Shanghai, love Shanghai very slow to update the site included, then is the direct update not included, from the two the results obtained, the jump code is placed on Web sites is a major disaster in the 404 error page, so if the owners do not want to be the site of the major search engines to punish it. So when the production of 404 error page is not the best place to jump code

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in our daily operation of the website, believe that the webmaster will encounter this kind of situation, it is often because the change of columns or the name of the file, causing the station a large number of invalid link, and this link is there but not open, so the search engine spiders crawling and included is very unfavorable and because the search engine spiders will these error page information back to the database, when your site appears over the dead links page will be on the website of the "health" has a great influence, but also very easy to be the major search engines are not happy, so this time you need to master a 404 error page, but in the process of making 404 error pages, owners still need to pay attention to the following matters.

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1) do not place the code in the 404 page Jump, so as not to affect the overall perception of the search engine on the web

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