Re understanding of love for the original content of spiders in Shanghai

love Shanghai’s original Mars once let many webmaster downhearted, a website which have so much energy to write original content so much? And even wrote the original content, often by some great acquisition go, because the other side of the site high weight, the most after their own original articles to others the site did awake, which is obviously the The loss outweighs the gain. These owners before fear that if the original Mars program, may be true, but after the implementation of the plan, the original content is not easily transformed into other meals? This is the webmaster for the re understanding the need for new love Shanghai spider original content identification method, so as to avoid risk of love in Shanghai the spider on the original content error.

is the first to timely submit the map to love Shanghai, when your website content update, it will form new links, these links will actually lead to your site map changes, you must promptly submit the map to love Shanghai, will be able to guide the spider to your site visit, which will be the first time the content delivery love Shanghai.

is using PING mechanism, because of the love of spiders in Shanghai can not determine the effective station of the article is on the original station or after the collection of articles is the original, but also love Shanghai according to the website weight principle, often weight high website although the acquisition, but also will give priority in the display results page, as long as this station to love Shanghai using the Ping mechanism, can let love Shanghai know what the article is original, which helps to love Shanghai algorithm adjustment.

then can through the hair chain to attract spiders, if you just released the original content website, in the absence of love in Shanghai included, then we need to some high weight website released some outside the chain, and the chain to point directly to the target page, rather than simply pointing to the corresponding web page because, these small weight station home, is not able to further attract spider crawling depth. Of course, the chain from the blog and some large forum issued the corresponding content, plus the related reference links, so you send the link will have a certain price, after all, can spend less money!


then chain with reasonable, although the importance of this time for friends of the chain of Shanghai dragon ring does not seem too concerned, but with the implementation of the original plan of the spark of love Shanghai, friends of the chain seems to be able to play their own advantages, of course, a chain in exchange, more and more frequent the update frequency the website, but also pay attention to the weight of the site, after all the high weight of the site if the update speed, the chain is often able to attract spider come in time.


is to pay attention to and their website articles within the chain, which in fact is the optimization of the website of the internal links, this process is not only to improve the user experience of the website, is also the good method to attract spiders, because good Sitelinks can effectively improve the spider crawling speed at the site within Shanghai love. This self >

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