The importance of the Beijing Shanghai dragon Links

Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon

blog, forum signature, community, quiz platform, B2B platform, news media, etc. These are some very real chain resources in Beijing, Shanghai dragon that the chain blog and news media is the most awesome, the most awesome is time, too not worry about others shielding you, and Links is a two-way link, you link to me, I also link you, of course on the site of excessive can cross link, it is also a means of Links.

many webmaster friends are concerned about the Links quality and quality, to link the output, the less the website. Here today to share Beijing Shanghai dragon thinks three or the importance of Links.

two, Links crony, you stand better for me better, you stand by K that my station also will be a little fluctuation. Can the PR value transfer and weight transfer, can improve the site’s traffic and reduce the website bounce rate, especially the competitor came to your station, this is particularly obvious.

The chain general our

three, Links representative website charm, you Links better show your ability is greater, the higher visibility, communicative ability is strong, popular in the circle.

is the most important Links or friendship is the first word, and friendship, and then have a website with links to websites, always on, the link will continue.

The first

A5 and Beijing Shanghai dragon personal blog, please keep this link www.pangzi贵族宝贝/ _resources/72.html

, a Links more high quality of the spider is more friendly, whether it is love or Google Shanghai. Entrance to more spider in the more chances. On site weight, keywords ranking, website snapshot can promote. There are a lot of Links following portal site two level domain name or two directories, of course they do is to reduce the directory hierarchy. Links more problems will be more, there are advantages and disadvantages.

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