The love of Shanghai 7 25 days after the structured update display effect conjecture


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have any mistake, welcome that Paizhuan! As long as the younger brother, are very happy to accept the improvement. Thanks also to A5 and A5 in the support given to you.


in the future how to optimize the operation, structured can show love Shanghai should think about how we use love, for, Shanghai has submitted open entrance. Why don’t we do it, the internal structure of the site will be the focus now. In the layout of the site we can try the above four kinds of structured display layout. This provides some better quality content by the user can be retrieved. Users can retrieve is natural to click on extra points, can enhance the user’s browsing and contributed to the formation of the orders.

of course content need innovation, need to meet some problems of users answer; in the layout of the long tail word keyword density can affect the effect of optimization layout. Website optimization to solve fundamentally and meet the needs of users, the user experience is the primary task of website optimization, love Shanghai effect is put forward and the structured abstract display case and publish structured data tools to address, guess again Shanghai user experience, and retrieval of different users quickly locate the problem, change the whole network to clean and green network.

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but in the search process today inadvertently see, website graphics, web length. Guess love Shanghai may continue to crawl the site quality related content. That is to say, the optimization of the site should shift from external to internal transfer (in optimization has been controversial in the chain for the emperor or the content for the emperor, by June last year to now do the content of keywords and long tail words are relatively stable, and can bring the conversion rate and flow test, some forum outside the chain obviously reduce weight).

love Shanghai station in the July 25, 2013 launch of structured data tools on-line announcement, to further optimize the user experience of the website, in June last year, love Shanghai algorithm update, the user experience on the optimization schedule. Shanghai was cheating on the website and love spam sites from time to time pursued the greatest degree of optimization of Internet environment, allowing users to seek the location results in the most accurate and simple. The integration of reading structured data, it is not difficult to find love again in Shanghai to put forward the webmaster website quality and to a greater extent to improve the internal structure of the website, the website presents the user with the largest user experience.

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love Shanghai has started to test and on-line test, the structured abstract love Shanghai web search in the display:

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