With the Shanghai dragon super chain had to say

analysis: love Shanghai, You’ll see. first without question. CCTV is also playing the first do not want to not work, the weight of the lever. Baidu second no more words. Post Bar know certain hot promotion MP3. As for the library, encyclopedia. Shanghai library ranked in front of love. Some of you can see for yourself. So in order to see over, is arranged according to the popular acceptance of this law. A popular acceptance also shows that the weight value. That love Shanghai for their product weight value >

Here are some of my

: super super chain chain is a collection of similar Alexa ranking query, PR query and other owners used query site, because most of these websites have query records display and query records can be like Shanghai, Google, Sogou search engine fast included, thus forming a chain. Because this is a normal chain query is generated, so that the chain of Shanghai dragon effect is obvious. And this kind of repeated work can be handed over to the machine to operate, and is widely used in large area up.


is in turn: "love Shanghai, You’ll see." – Baidu – Post Bar – Promotion – MP3 – know – – space… ..

there are more examples I will not enumerate. We look at the proportion of super value chain. Domain is not the first home page. This problem I believe that many webmaster met, including my blog. But I’m not in a hurry. After all, look at the weight value chain analysis. See the love Shanghai official a sentence to explain: this tag domain link, the higher the weight, the higher the rank before. For this remark, we first analyze their love in Shanghai. Domain. Figure:

above is of super chain explanation. As for the super chain all Shanghai dragon ER is mixed. I am in favor of, and my friend once wrote an article criticizing the practice, that is the garbage outside the chain, without any help.

on some hot words through my ranking in front of. That without exception, all have the super chain, and the number of super chain is not too small. Of course, extremely individual use of the virtual BUG chain site except black hat. Figure 14 thousand: the keyword index ranked second home station. The use of a large number of super chain.

: beautiful pictures 5W+ keyword index. Ranking the first site, to use a large number of blog sprocket, volume two level domain name, virtual chain black hat technology is not used for reference. In this talk about the super chain, so the choice of site ranked fifth.

on the super chain:





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