Case analysis the frequent changes to the site will ruin your ranking


said the website customers not to search, can search the previous word now all not to search. Then I opened the site to see the next, then found that the site has done a lot of changes. Yes, from the title to the description from the column name to the content page. Have a basic change in different degree, and a large number of intermediate stack keywords, the content of the website page of each article with head and tail lists a lot of words, and with a lot of link. At the bottom of the site more than 10 several Links, most of the site has nothing to do with the industry, and there are two one-way links. Link to Taobao is a guest website, the query Taobao guest website has been the site down the right, the content of the website is around the collection, but also a variety of sentence fluent, mingled with a large number of keywords. By asking that the customers to more quickly improve the ranking, will recruit a staff of Shanghai dragon. So in the Shanghai dragon Er within two weeks of busy, all keywords are not currently website ranking, even the brand word is no longer home, Xiao Bian used to view the tool, the search results page to page 50 search. Brand word came in more than 390. The site also has 1 weeks not included new page. All aspects are in decline. To these problems, each one will.

some time ago to do a customer of a company’s brand website, he is to do the brand to join investment. This is the first time the customer access to the Internet, all kinds of information are not ready for a long time to finally give an information office address and company name. Well, anyway, it’s not the first time encountered such a situation, then according to his product and industry to collect information. Code optimization, structure optimization was made, then the communication with the customer, to determine his promotion direction, then the site title, keyword and description are written. The title is: "keyword + brand name" form, due to the customer’s business scope is not limited to a certain area, so the key words not in front plus area. Do these online website immediately after.

on the line after second and 360 day of Shanghai had been included, the brand name is in the first rank natural needless to say, there are a few small heat word is ranked more than 20 to third day in Shanghai included 7 pages and contains 3 pages of content 360. In other words also appear in the top 100 among the customers happy, also called and talked for a while, I finally told the daily update, the website will become better and better. The company did not Shanghai Longfeng professional personnel, only one administrative clerk every day to update the website content. Even in the absence of any chain under the condition of the site’s ranking has been slowly progress forward, included more and more. Because we just have the website construction and website optimization without cooperation, cooperation, see his site is normal to normal, small will no longer pay attention to his rank. Until one day the customer call…

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