How to exert the power of nternet advertisementEntrepreneurs make products please leave your path a

 :    : 1. Why do we want to advertise on the Internet?

 :     two. Where should we do Internet advertising?

introduction: when entrepreneurs in the first version of the finished products, one of the most frequent questions is: now, what should I do? And another to lift the question is: why is that users do not do those things I want him to do?

      almost any site welcomes other people to make paid online advertising on their site; therefore, you have too many rights to choose from.

Dustin a co-founder of Path and I, both from small towns, have great enthusiasm for photography. So we have an idea that people can share photos of their cell phones with their closest friends and family. Because at that time, the ways of sharing photos on the Internet were too public, and at the same time, the new generation of mobile phones made people do most of the things outside the text messages and telephones. Therefore, the initial intention of doing Path is to hope that people can have a private space on the Internet to share photos of their lives.

      where to do online advertising in order to attract your target customers

      network advertising should be put in large high traffic sites, only in this way, the effect of advertising will be better;
      network advertisement click rate is usually less than 1%
      Web advertisers began to use thousand click billing the popular method, therefore, the quality of network advertisement design should be made by the advertiser to control;



for these two questions, my answer is very simple, from a philosophy philosophy in the design field: Get, Out, of, The, Way. Don’t look down upon it, the guidelines help Path get 50 times in the revision of the DAU growth.

      the most basic purpose of network advertisement has two: one is to establish a corporate image and brand building network in the network; the other one is to attract our target customers click, enter the specified page of our website, and then make the target visitors enter the site marketing page and order, the formation of the site sales.


      online advertising is not just a big company’s patent; small companies and even individuals can do online advertising. In the early days, small online advertising was very scarce.

      we should eliminate the bias against online advertising because:

      network advertising is not satisfactory; it rarely brings substantial sales.

author Caleb Roenigk, originally known as "Get Out of The Way", was published in Medium, telling about some of the experiences he and his small partners have in developing and iterating through private social Path applications.

      the correct network advertisement still have a good return, will bring you more business opportunities for growth;
      online advertising generated advertising costs should not be viewed as your network marketing costs. Bring more profits for your network advertising, you will be happy to do it unremittingly; do not play a role, to bring sales network advertising is not for you, who will be silly to? Online advertising is actually a kind of investment behavior.


at that time, I heard something about the early development of Facebook. In its original version of Facebook, it was just a simple personal information site, where people were given access to other people’s files and to communicate with others. And when Facebook went online, change the photos in the file >

entrepreneurs in the first version of the finished products, one of the most frequent questions is: now, what should I do? And another to lift the question is: why is that users do not do those things I want him to do?

remember when we built the first version of Path, when it was 2010, and everyone was excited about the mobile internet. At the same time, the industry has begun to discuss the enormous changes brought about by public networks, such as putting people’s privacy on a vast scale.

      here, we will explain how online advertising and how to play the power of online advertising.

brings up online advertising, and people naturally associate banner ads with some common ideas, such as:

at the end of 2010, Path released the first version of the external, and soon we got 10 thousand live users. Although the result is gratifying, but we soon began to enter the state of the first, constantly self-examination: what should we do now? At the same time, another problem seems to be more urgent: what should we do to be able to get more growth

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